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Perrett Laver works globally to identify outstanding leaders for organisations that are solving the world’s biggest challenges and have extraordinary impact in society.

Our role is to connect the most influential and vibrant organisations in our sectors with the highest capacity and most dynamic leaders - based on a common set of values and a shared vision for the future.

We are genuinely passionate about our client organisations. Our understanding of each client's values and culture ensures we identify candidates from both traditional and unconventional sources, who can bring fresh thinking and make a real impact. It also enables us to represent our clients candidly and accurately, giving a realistic appraisal of the differentiators, opportunities and challenges that will attract the strongest individuals.


How We Think

About Us Brochure

About Us Brochure

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Our Values

  • Courage
  • Professionalism
  • Initiative
  • Global Perspective
  • Conviction
  • Positivity
  • Expertise
  • Ownership
  • Commercial Drive


Professor Dame Alison Richard
Professor Dame Alison Richard
Dan Perrett
Dan Perrett
Co-Founder and Director
Simon Laver
Simon Laver
Co-Founder and Director


We are passionately engaged in and have a responsibility to generate a diverse workforce at leadership levels, in the sectors we serve. We have focused much of our attention on methodological improvements - generating comprehensive and exhaustive candidate fields, in order to find the best and most diverse talent.

We take an active role in supporting unrepresented communities and groups as they seek to become better and fairly represented in the leadership of all organisations.

Gender Diversity

Female representation in key leadership positions is still disproportionately low in almost every nation and sector. Perrett Laver has a very strong record in helping clients to appoint women to leadership posts. We continually challenge ourselves and our clients to find the best female candidates in every sector by creating inclusive yet objective processes. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that we achieve a fair gender balance in our searches and, for our client organisations.


Under-Represented Communities

In every single country around the world there are communities who are underrepresented in senior leadership posts. By its nature often a local/national issue there are myriad differences from country to country in terms of how organisational leadership must evolve in that the diversity of communities are appropriately and fully represented at all levels. We ensure that we understand and proactively support the relevant goals in the pursuit of an appropriately diverse set of leaders in every search we undertake.

We are proud to have worked with clients whose objectives are to promote diversity in society and in their own organisations and note some examples below.


Our Methodology for Securing Diverse Fields

Proactively we have made it our business for over ten years to identify the next generation of leaders for every generation. We look to find leaders who are defined by global civil society as a whole.

We listen carefully to our clients' needs from the outset of the search and probe regarding the diversity-related issues specific to your organisation and to this position. We directly challenge any unconscious biases or processes that arise wittingly or unwittingly during the course of the search, supporting the Selection Committee to deliver its duties.


Promoting Diversity Internally

We believe that our broad range of perspectives, backgrounds and opinions is crucial in maintaining our corporate culture of openness, intellectual curiosity, and creativity. We undertake an internal review every six months.

Regular structured training and debate takes place within the company on diversity-related issues. This ranges from introductory training and functional team-based workshops to talks by leading experts within the diversity arena.

We have a dedicated Equality and Diversity team, who review our practices, meet regularly, and report to the firm as a whole on a quarterly basis.

Our Reach

Global Reach

All of our sectors require borderless executive search. We have developed deep expertise in the identification of global candidates and securing of overseas appointees. We engage candidates in a proactive and detailed interaction that considers a wide array of motivations, cultural sensitivities and highly practical personal details, including building knowledge of each country’s tax and pension context, schooling, housing and lifestyle.

In support of this we have purposefully built an international team, drawing colleagues from across the world and ensuring a breadth of cultural and linguistic capability.

Mapping Our World

Cross Sectoral Reach

Advising both public and private sector clients, Perrett Laver connects the world’s most influential organisations with the world’s most dynamic leaders. Our philosophy of search without borders applies as much to industry verticals as it does to geography. Our consultants collaborate across practices as much as regions, drawing from the expertise of their colleagues across each of our areas of expertise.

As boundaries between sectors become increasingly porous, we realise the importance of defining and assessing the kind of leadership that can transition sectors effectively.


We are committed to building a firm which operates and behaves in a way that is consistent with the common values and responsibilities of all of our client sectors. We also deploy our expertise and resources within society as a whole in such a way as to make a lasting positive contribution. We are dedicated to minimising our environmental impact, through various initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint of our business and our supply chain.

Perrett Laver has a thriving employee volunteering programme and colleagues are actively encouraged to share their skills via volunteering opportunities and are awarded a number of 'volunteer leave' days to donate their time. We encourage colleagues to sit on Boards of educational and charitable organisations with on-going time commitments made outside of office hours.

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