Philanthropy, Communications and Engagement

Finding professional leaders that can leverage global relationships with institutions, organisations and individuals.


Our dedicated Philanthropy, Communications and Engagement practice specialises in finding professional leaders that can leverage global relationships with institutions, organisations and individuals to advance strategic priorities across areas such as research, teaching, student recruitment, corporate relations and public affairs.

Our clients range from leading arts organisations, global universities, schools, hospitals and not for profit entities of all shape and size. We find exceptional senior fundraisers, marketers and communications experts. We also find committed trustees and outstanding chief executives for organisations where philanthropy, communications and engagement are crucial for success.

Vital to all types of not for profit organisations, philanthropy and professional fundraising is at once an art and science. Finding highly skilled individuals who can nurture philanthropic relationships and engage supporters with the missions of our clients is what we do. We apply equally creative techniques to finding leading marketing and communications professionals who will also contribute to advancing organisations' reputations and driving income.


Where We Can Help

Advocacy and Public Affairs

Our clients operate in complex funding environments that require outstanding advocacy and public affairs professionals who can best identify and leverage necessary relationships to best serve their missions. Our multi-sector practices have in depth networks of established and emerging professionals in the core countries in which we operate.

Development and Alumni Relations

We have assisted a large number of schools, universities, cultural organisations and charitable organisations recruit senior members of their Development and Alumni Relations teams. Positive alumni relations are important to schools and universities, but the market is also seeing medical research bodies and other grant awarding organisations create alumni functions to leverage relationships with former recipients of their grants.

We encourage our clients to consider individuals with experience building sustainable and engaging programmes with their alumni that extend beyond fundraising targets. Our people centric approach emphasises candidate care at all times and ensures that any engagement with your alumni on your behalf during a search is positive. We are mindful at all times that your alumni are the best ambassadors for your organisation and a search process can be an opportunity to further build positive relations with your alumni.


A successful campaign is dependent on outstanding leadership and a robust, passionate and highly-skilled team. Successful campaigns require individuals to provide strategic leadership allowing the organisations have maximum global impact. We have a strong track record of assisting clients appoint senior staff to their campaigns, in both Director of Campaigns or Director of Strategy and Operations.

Communications and Engagement

Strategic communications and engagement divisions are responsible for the strategic enhancement and management of an organisations reputation, profile and influence. How an organisation communicates with their various audiences and supporters is crucial and rapidly evolving. We have in-depth expertise of the trends across the markets we serve and our network of trusted sources keeps us on top of developments in these professions.


Perrett Laver has a breadth of experience assisting the recruitment of strategic fundraising roles, including directors of community fundraising and annual giving. Our expert team has experience in the sector and our methodology tracks rising stars, innovations and changes in regulation in the markets we serve that guide our searches. Our clients include a number of charitable entities associated with academic hospitals, animal welfare charities, arts and cultural organisations and universities.


The organisations we serve often operate in competitive and complex environments that required sophistication in how they share their stories and spread their messages. Digital innovations and social media have revolutionised traditional marketing and we have experience-finding experts with across the marketing remit, including core marketing through to digital, brand and audience relations.


Perrett Laver has an established focus on philanthropy professionals and senior leaders who are able to drive philanthropic relationships. Increasingly the ability for Chief Executives and Trustees to drive philanthropic relationships are crucial to an organisations success. We focus on recruiting professionals to senior philanthropy roles, but also supporting in the appointment of trustees, chief executives and School Principals with a proven track record in driving philanthropic relationships in their organisations.

We are establishing an innovative methodology that utilises social media platforms, research funding and philanthropic trends to uncover the top professionals in this space.

Student Recruitment

We have experience assisting schools and universities recruit their executive teams in the competitive student recruitment space. Our global network of colleagues gives us an in depth knowledge of the trends and regulatory framework within the student recruitment markets in which we operate and we have a network of established clients in this space.


The sectors we serve are dependent on various forms partnerships to succeed. We have experience recruiting senior executives for partnership roles. Whether these are individuals driving business development between research organisations and industry, charitable sector and government agencies or schools and sporting teams we have in depth knowledge and experience of recruiting experts who are able to drive and maintain complex partnerships within the sectors we serve.

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Dr Becca Franssen
Dr Becca Franssen
Senior Consultant
Kate Hunter
Kate Hunter
Joint Head, UK Higher Education and Global Head, Philanthropy, Communications and Engagement
Dr Gordon Lobay
Dr Gordon Lobay
Managing Partner, Canada

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