We work with all governments and public institutions across all our major markets to appoint leaders that support and enable social, technological and economic progress.


We believe in the function of governments as policy makers, lawmakers and service providers, and as stewards of liberty, security and prosperity. We believe in the value add of research institutes and think tanks. We believe in the empowerment of citizens to participate in decisions that improve their lives, and that ensure their strength, freedom and safety.

Our mission is to identify and support inspiring individuals who will lead teams fairly and with integrity as they anticipate and solve the challenges facing governments and their partners globally. Leaders operating in these systems must have intellectual honesty, and the ability to devise and deliver effective systems.

As a firm, we are known for our tenacity, our intellectual rigour, and our commitment to diversity and inclusion, supporting our clients to identify and engage candidates from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences.

We are passionate about the impact of our work and are known for value add beyond search, bringing expert advice and connectivity, exploiting our networks and knowledge to our clients’ benefit at every stage. We work in partnership, understanding the nuances of our client’s priorities, strategies and operating environments, and enabling them to secure the strongest and most exciting talent while running rigorous appointment processes that stand up to scrutiny. Our candidates experience fair competitions where they are appointed on merit and are supported by our experienced consultants throughout.

We work with a range of organisations within government and public service providers globally and our clients benefit from our deep networks across interfacing sectors to enable dynamic cross-sectoral appointments. Strong leadership teams are created through succession planning and the development of individuals within an organisation, coupled with expertise from outside of a sector.

Perrett Laver’s longstanding track record of appointing individuals that enhance existing skillsets and our support for individuals transitioning between sectors is one of the reasons that our repeat business rate is over 70%.

We offer extensive experience across senior leadership and non-executive appointments across public-facing sectors.



Where We Can Help

Central Government Departments

Arm’s Length Bodies

Executive Agencies, Advisory Committees, Commissions, Inquiries, Public Corporations


Central Banks

Emergency Services

Local Government Bodies

Think Tanks, Policy Institutes and Research Institutes

Who To Talk To

Dr Gordon Lobay
Dr Gordon Lobay
Regional Managing Partner, Americas
Erik Jackson
Erik Jackson
Managing Partner, USA
Janelle Entwistle
Janelle Entwistle
Managing Partner, Australia
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