Marie-Celine Coen
Marie-Celine Coen
Senior Project Manager

Marie-Celine is a Senior Project Manager at Perrett Laver.

She is charged with providing support and advice to clients, candidates and colleagues throughout the executive search process, upholding the highest quality of care and delivery at all times.

Marie-Celine holds a bachelor's degree in Communication Science from Zurich University, and a master's degree in Politics and Public Management, with a specialisation in Public Communication, in Lausanne and Lugano Universities. Prior to joining Perrett Laver, she worked as a promotion and social media manager for an public-private association, promoting a Swiss region on a wide variety of aspects (business, education, culture, tourism and gastronomy).
Marie-Celine is fluent in English, French and German.

t: +31 (0) 202 409 340