Cynthia Oyeneyin
Cynthia Oyeneyin
Operations Executive

Cynthia is the Operations Executive in the Central Business Practice at Perrett Laver.

She plays an integral role in the overall functioning of the company. This includes CRM data management, HR, Compliance, Report processing and Building management.

Cynthia holds a BSc (Hons) in International Business from the University of Kent with key knowledge in Business Ethics/Sustainability, Global Strategy and Cross-Cultural Business. Her final year research explored managers understanding and experience of CSR in multinational companies operating in emerging markets.

Prior to joining Perrett Laver, Cynthia was a Compliance Coordinator at Randstad. Cynthia is driven by the desire to make a difference. From being an ambassador for ‘Just for Kids Law,’ a non-profit charity, to fighting for the educational rights of young migrants in the UK, to being a front row activist for the ‘Let us Learn campaign’ which successfully challenged the unjust regulation denying student finance for students with discretionary leave to remain in the UK.

“Failure is never fatal; it is the down payment you pay for success”

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