Perrett Laver assisting University of Sussex in Vice-Chancellor Recruitment 9 Nov 2015

The University’s Council has appointed the executive search company Perrett Laver to assist in the recruitment process for a new Vice-Chancellor.

Specialising in identifying executive talent for education and research institutions, Perrett Laver has worked with numerous universities on similar senior level appointments.

The company will soon run an advertising campaign, in conjunction with an extensive search process, to identify potential candidates for the Vice-Chancellor role. Perrett Laver will also manage the interview process for this position.

Staff from Perrett Laver will visit the University in November to hear from a wide cross section of staff and students. They will hold a number of open meetings on campus to allow people to share their thoughts about what sort of Vice-Chancellor they would like to see at Sussex.

A consultation is currently taking place within the University to help with the process of drafting the job description and person specification for the Vice-Chancellor role.

The recruitment process is expected to run until April 2016. After this point an announcement about the new Vice-Chancellor will be made at the earliest opportunity.

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