EIT Health appoints Sylvie Bove as new CEO 4 Aug 2015

Sylvie Bove will take on the position as of September 1, 2015

EIT Health, one of the largest healthcare initiatives worldwide, has now appointed a new CEO. Effective September 1, Sylvie Bove will assume this role and move to the EIT Health headquarter in Munich. She succeeds Ursula Redeker, Roche Diagnostics GmbH, who has served as interim CEO since October 2014.

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) is an EU body that brings together business, higher education institutions and research centres. It was founded in order to enhance Europe’s ability to innovate by fostering young entrepreneurial talent and supporting new ideas through its Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KIC), independent legal entities that bring together partners from academia and industry to set up long‐term strategic alliances. EIT Health is one of the newest KICs in the EIT family, and its chief goals are to enhance health, active ageing and wellbeing.

“The new CEO of EIT Health needs to bring in a broad range of skills such as experience in the life sciences, academia, business development and public‐private partnerships,” said Koenraad Debackere, Chair of EIT Health’s Supervisory Board. “Sylvie Bove’s expertise, multinational background and well‐ established network make her ideally suited to this task.”   As an experienced business executive Sylvie Bove brings with her 20 years of experience in the life sciences, including positions in business development and global marketing. She was responsible for launching a number of new products and global brands at healthcare companies such as Coloplast A/S and Ferring Pharmaceuticals. During the last three years she has focused on the interface between academia, public‐private partnerships and industry collaborations, having established a new platform to strengthen the innovation process at Lund University. She also contributed to the creation of the Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster, developing its strategy, gathering stakeholders from the industry, academia and private sector, and securing funding.

“We are proud and delighted to have found the perfect fit for the position as CEO of EIT Health,” said Ursula Redeker. “Her extensive experience as a liaison between academia and industry, together with her expertise, will greatly benefit our organisation.” Sylvie Bove is a French citizen and has lived in Scandinavia for many years. In September she will move from Malmö to the EIT Health headquarters in Munich, Sylvie Bove, CEO of EIT Health where she will appoint the future core management team and will implement all processes to finalize the organisational setup of EIT Health.   “I’m proud to be part of this organisation, which aims at bringing new research results to the patients faster,” said Bove. “My goal is to make a difference by contributing to the change that needs to take place in the life sciences in Europe in order to address future health challenges even more effectively.”

About the EIT

The EIT (European Institute for Innovation & Technology) is an independent EU body set up in 2008 to promote innovation and entrepreneurship across Europe, helping the continent to overcome some of its greatest challenges. It brings together leading higher education institutions, research labs and companies to form dynamic cross‐border partnerships that develop innovative products and services, start new companies, and train a new generation of entrepreneurs. For more information please visit www.eit.europa.eu

About EIT Health

EIT Health is one of the largest healthcare initiatives worldwide. Its goal is to sustainably advance the fundamentals of healthcare and thus promote suitable future conditions for healthy living, active ageing and improved wellbeing of people across Europe. EIT Health leverages the expertise of more than 140 member organisations from the pharma, diagnostics and med tech fields, payors, insurances, research institutions and universities. As one of the EIT’s Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs), the initiative benefits from some of the world’s best‐in‐class academic and research organisations and offers both higher education and business expertise. By investing in Europe’s best entrepreneurial talents and ideas, EIT Health fosters the development and commercialization of smart product and service solutions in the health sector, addressing the challenges posed by demographic change and ageing societies.

Headquartered in Munich (Germany), EIT Health has six co‐location centres in London (UK/Ireland), Stockholm (Scandinavia), Barcelona (Spain), Paris (France), Heidelberg (Germany) and Rotterdam (Benelux), as well as regional “EIT Health InnoStars” clusters consisting of industry partners, academia, and health providers linked to eight regions in six countries – Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia and Wales.


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