Arts, Culture and Sport

Perrett Laver has extensive experience of senior level executive search across a range of organisations within the wider creative, cultural and sporting sectors.


We care passionately about the value and wider skills that the arts, culture and sport bring to society, and are deeply committed to working for organisations that promote these sectors, particularly at a time of global uncertainty and rapid change.

Complex sustainability issues face these sectors, including funding, engagement, diversity and the appropriate use of digital technologies. As a truly integrated, global firm, we offer genuinely deep local and regional knowledge and networks to locate the strongest and most exciting talent for our clients to seize the opportunities these challenges present, wherever they may be.

We have worked on global non-executive and senior executive assignments to support specialist and curatorial appointments. Alongside this, we have also conducted a wide range of searches across all professional service functions, where we have a strong track record of utilising our extensive networks across the wider private and non-profit arenas to support successful cross-sectoral appointments. These have included senior assignments in the areas of fundraising; finance; digital, marketing and communications; human resources; education, learning and participation; programming and audience engagement; estates and buildings.


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Arts, Culture and Sports Brochure

Arts, Culture and Sports Brochure

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Museums, Galleries and Heritage

Perrett Laver has worked for a wide range of organisations that exist to promote the value of heritage and culture to wider audiences. These have encompassed national museum groups and libraries, through to heritage bodies and internationally-renowned contemporary visual art galleries.

Our assignments have been at non-executive director, Chief Executive and senior Director-level. Alongside our global networks of leaders with specialist and curatorial backgrounds, we have used our wider experience across a variety of sectors to identify and successfully secure professional services leaders from all functions.

Performing Arts and Multi-Disciplinary Cultural Spaces

We can offer experience of leading assignments for a variety of global organisations that promote engagement with performance art forms, and the performing arts more widely. Appointments have been for theatre, opera and wider music companies and venues, as well as for leaders for festivals and multi-disciplinary spaces.

Our assignments have been at non-executive director, Chief Executive and senior Director-level. Alongside our international networks of leaders with relevant specialist careers, we have used our wider experience across a variety of sectors to identify and successfully secure professional services leaders from all functions.

Conservatoires, Specialist Higher Education Institutions and Specialist Arts Schools

We are passionate about the opportunities and skills that education for the arts, cultural and sporting areas bring to young people, and to society more widely, particularly at a time when wider global economic and political changes pose potential threats to their promotion and future sustainability. We have therefore developed a strong track record of recruitment to specialist educational organisations that draws upon our deep expertise across the educational, cultural and sport sectors.

Perrett Laver is one of the global market leaders for educational and academic appointments. We work with a wide variety of higher education institutions around the world, ranging from the strongly research intensive to the solely teaching and learning focused.  Working with schools, our clients include leading UK independent schools, maintained schools and special schools, educational charities, international schools and global schools groups. Perrett Laver has also worked extensively with international educational bodies, funding councils, learned societies, policy organisations, and other leading bodies where educational agendas meet wider government policy and priorities.

Our work has been at the non-executive and Vice-Chancellor, Principal, Head and equivalent level, alongside numerous leadership roles at senior academic and professional service leadership level.  We also have a large scale Global Chairs and Professors practice, working annually on a vast range of research leadership appointments across a variety of different disciplines.

Non-Profits, Foundations and Learned Societies

As a wider firm, Perrett Laver is one of the global market leaders for our work with non-profits, educational and charitable organisations, and we are passionate about utilising this experience for the broader service and promotion of the arts, culture, sports and education in global society.

We have therefore proactively supported a number of trusts, foundations, learned societies and membership bodies, and other non-profit or charitable organisations that exist to advocate for these sectors more widely, across a range of senior executive and non-executive appointments.


Perrett Laver passionately believes in the potential sport has to effect positive social change, and in its power to enrich and further the lives of individuals and entire communities. We recognise the pivotal importance of the work being done to create a healthier and more active nation, both physically and mentally, as well as the transformative impact that sport can have on the economy, social integration and cohesion, and equality.

We are therefore highly committed to supporting the development and sustainability of organisations and bodies that promote sport and wellbeing, and which work towards making these more accessible, equipping future generations with the skills and discipline to achieve success.

We can offer experience of working with a range of organisations that have inspired and led such ambition across a variety of sports, at various levels. We also benefit from our established position at the interface with other arenas such as the education, not-for-profit and health sectors, working to support dynamic cross-sectoral appointments.

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Zara Wright
Zara Wright
Global Head, Art, Culture and Sport
Katharine Poundstone
Katharine Poundstone
Managing Partner, Hong Kong
Asia Pacific
Dr Gordon Lobay
Dr Gordon Lobay
Managing Partner, Canada

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